Government Corruption

Once again we are seeing a demand for more legislation on campaign finance.

Our elections are influenced by ‘big’ donors.  ‘Special’ interests are ‘buying’ influence.

Both of these problems appear to be true and now there are many politicians proposing more ‘laws’ to solve the ‘problem’.

Here is a short video by Dan Mitchell suggesting that ‘big government’ is the problem and corruption only a symptom of that real problem.

I agree wholeheartedly with Dan’s thoughts on the subject, but I also feel that creating more ‘laws’ to address these types of issues is just providing the ruling party (whether Democratic or Republican) with more power to crush the opposition.

Why?  This administration has demonstrated a ‘dictatorial’ power to pick and chose which laws will be enforced.  Creating more laws, when we already have so many that we don’t even know when we are breaking a law, simply expands on that power.  The DOJ, under Eric Holder, has also demonstrated that existing laws may and will be applied on a very discriminatory basis.  If a law is broken by a party or faction ‘approved’ by the administration it will not be prosecuted while the same law may be prosecuted to its maximum effectiveness against those whom the administration views as ‘culpable’.

Either action, arbitrarily choosing which laws to enforce or ignore and arbitrarily applying those laws, is a form of dictatorship and NOT consistent with the ‘rule of law’ (the equal application of the law).  It gives those ‘in power’ tremendous power over anyone not in power and destroys the concept of representative government.

I agree with Dan that a simplified tax code would be an excellent starting point.  I would urge adoption of the Fair Tax rather than a Flat Tax as the preferred solution.

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