Obama’s Demand for a ‘Clean’ Debt Limit Increase – Another Lie!

Obama couples his demand for increasing the debt limit without negotiation with a statement that the limit has ‘never’ been negotiated.  This is a flat lie!

It’s pretty obvious that Obama and the Democrats are simply using this as a means of ‘destroying’ the Republican Party.

Unfortunately, with the aid of the liberal media and an uninformed public, their ploy may actually succeed.

Another factor, Obama’s apparent willingness to destroy the U.S. economy, makes negotiation almost impossible.  We’ve simply never had such a political demagog with socialist ideals in the presidency before.

As other socialists (Marks, Hitler) have found, it is easier to restructure along totally socialist ideals and install total ‘government planning’ when a free economy is destroyed.  The population will cry for a ‘savior’ and socialism will provide the solution.  Health care is merely a starting point to the ‘planned’ society.  Likely next steps will be to disarm the populace since it is much easier to control the population when only the ‘government’ has guns.  The the food supply will be ‘planned’ and very likely land ownership taken over by the ‘state’.  Individual property rights will be replaced by ‘state’ ownership.  Unions will aid and abet this change, at least at the leadership level since they will have more power to direct the redistribution of wealth.

Unfortunately, like all socialism experiments, this will fail as the strongest economy in the world slowly, or maybe rapidly, deteriorates with the stagnation of innovation and we become a nation of serfs owing our very existence to the ‘state’.

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