Jelly Experiment

Making grape jelly and the last batch was short.  Had 2+ cups and needed 5.  What to do?  Considered adding water since the grape juice is very strong, but doubted that a 2/5 grape and 3/5 water would be very desirable.  (I really like the very strong grape flavor)

Looked to see if I had saved any juice from prior years.  No grape, but there was some apple juice from 1998!  That’s a long time ago, but when I tasted it seemed to be good.

Soooooo, I added the apple juice to the grape juice!  Not sure if it would jell properly, but it did.

Flavor is interesting.  Seems like a good grape flavor but there is a ‘bite’ reminiscent of apple cider.  Didn’t use any cinnamon (although I did consider it), but the flavor is an interesting combination that I find very acceptable.

Grape-and-Apple-on-leftThe slightly lighter jelly on the left is the apple/grape mixture.  The right is pure grape.

Wanted to also show a couple of pictures of Pip and Scamp.

Aw!--Just-the-right-height!Here Scamp has found the rear bumper to be the perfect height for scratching her back.  She was really working on it!

Pip-models-new-bridlePip is modeling her new bridle (first time wearing bit).  It seems to fit pretty well.  Had to lengthen the brow band, shorten the throat latch and shorten the cheeks from the miniature donkey bridle I had.  Fortunately the bit is a perfect fit.

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1 Comment on “Jelly Experiment

  1. That jelly mademy mouth water. Looks good.
    Thanks for the pictures. Hope all is going well for you and yours.

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