Health Care by Government Decree!

The truth is coming out!

You can keep your plan ‘if it  meets the government mandate’ and if it doesn’t ‘you must buy one that does’!

So if you are 50 years old or more, you ‘must’ buy insurance that includes coverage for ‘contraceptives’, ‘maternity care’, etc.

Government ‘central planning’ has taken over 1/6th of the economy!  This is a big step toward ‘central planning’ of our entire economy.

Now think hard, has any economy that is directed by government ‘central planning’ ever worked?

A hint … This was the basis of the Soviet Union, Cuba, and China (before they shifted toward ‘free markets’).

Today’s testimony by Sebelious makes this absolutely clear.  The complete disdain toward those people with existing plans that don’t meet the government ‘decree’ is an alarmingly clear example of ‘central planning’.

Unfortunately, the whole idea of ‘mandated’ insurance does nothing to reduce health care costs.

Insurance, regardless of how it is provided, simply puts a third party between the individual and the health care provider.  This simply encourages the individual to ask for care whether needed or not and the provider to provide care that is ‘covered’ regardless of its efficacy.  Both actions simply increase costs.

Just a little history.

Before WWII health care was provided on a ‘direct pay’ system.  Costs were controlled by the ‘free market’ with individuals and doctors negotiating directly for care.

Then the government decided that they had to ‘control’ wages that were skyrocketing.  The idea of employer supplied insurance for health care came about as a way of circumventing these ‘controlled’ wages.  The cost of insurance avoided these wage controls.

Later, the IRS ruled that insurance costs would not be treated as ‘wages’ and cemented the idea of ’employer provided’ insurance and permanently inserted a 3rd party between the individual and the health care provider.

We can see a direct relationship between the growth of health insurance and the cost of health care.  This is not definitive.  Increased aging of the population certainly contributes to the increasing cost.

In my mind, at least, there is no doubt that costs are inflated and accelerated by insurance.  Mandated insurance will only increase the costs of health care.


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