Empty Rhetoric

Remember when Democrats took control way back in 2009?  The talking points where economic recovery and JOBS.

They quickly passed a ‘stimulus’ that was to accomplish that goal.  The stimulus was then largely used to support the big financial institutions and ‘favored’ green industries.  The support for ‘green’ industries was mostly wasted as the supported businesses failed and went bankrupt.  Any jobs created were quickly lost.

Even before these losses were realized the administration changed direction and concentrated on health care legislation.  Legislation that was highly suspect at the time and has proven to be a massive drain on the economy.  It now is evident that the law was passed by repeatedly lying to both our representatives in congress and the American people.

Over the past 5 years the single driving policy of our government has been ‘redistribution’.  Take from the productive in our society and give to the ‘needy’ (unproductive).

This has been effective.  It has kept an inept president in office and maintained Democrats in control of the Senate.  This absolute control of 2/3rds of the government has prevented any Republican ideas from materializing or even being seriously considered.

With more an more of our Gross Domestic Product being controlled by the government, less is available for economic development.  An ever increasing proportion of the population is becoming dependent upon the government for their subsistence.

This is clearly shown by this chart.  Note how the recovery plan failed to achieve its goals, even thought the pattern of the recovery is very similar to the projection.

Pay particular attention to the red dots.  If the labor participation (percentage of people working that are available to work) were the same as 2009 the unemployment rate would be 10.8%.

This chart illustrates the huge drop in participation, especially in the 25-54 age group.

These are prime workers, the same workers who are supposed to support our aging population via social security.

Social Security has been in trouble (it’s fiscally unsustainable) and with declining worker participation the problem will be accelerated.


While toting ‘job creation’ this administration and the Democrats have created more barriers to job creation than ever before.  Regulations have increased dramatically, especially on the energy sector.  The president has failed to approve the Keystone Pipeline in spite of repeated studies showing the environmental safety of the project.  (Yes there is some risk, but that risk is very small and nothing exists without some risk.)

Unemployment compensation has enabled many potential work participants to ‘drop out’ and contributed to increased fraud and abuse.

Now the administration and Democrats are pushing to increase the minimum wage.  Unfortunately as we approach mid-term elections many Republicans will likely climb on board even though increasing the minimum wage is guaranteed to further decrease jobs.  As employers restrict employment the unemployed will be forced to turn to welfare and invariably the participation rate will decline even further.

When will the public realize that the Democratic rhetoric on jobs is simply empty rhetoric?  A larger more invasive government and more wealth ‘redistribution’ cannot create jobs or economic growth.

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