Keystone Pipeline – Latest Report

Here are some of the findings from the latest State Department Report:

__ Tar sands in Alberta, Canada, are likely to be developed regardless of U.S. action on the pipeline.

__ Oil derived from the tar sands generates about 17 percent more greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to global warming than traditional crude. But other methods of transporting the oil — including rail, trucks and barges — would be worse for climate change.

__ An alternative that relies on shipping the oil by rail through the central U.S. to Gulf Coast refineries would generate 28 percent more greenhouse gases than a pipeline.

It took 5 years to come to these conclusions?

Of course Canada is going to develop their tar sands.  It would be stupid for them to ignore the value of these sands and Canadians aren’t stupid!

And of course tar sand oil generates for greenhouse gases.

The key is that the pipeline is a safer and less polluting form of transportation.

Good God!  Who in their right mind couldn’t have seen all of these as inevitable 5 years ago?

Just as with virtually every other ‘global warming’ initiative, what we do has little or no influence on the globe.  We put restrictions on coal and that coal is exported to other countries where it is used to produce relatively cheap electricity.  The carbon emissions are increased due to added transportation.  Our environmentalist have increased carbon rather than decreased it with their ill conceived attacks.

Instead of spending their money on fighting coal, oil and gas production and use they would advance their cause much more by investing in the research necessary to make alternative forms of energy competitive with coal, gas and oil.

But no, that wouldn’t give them political power.  They enjoy making life miserable for the poor fools that elect their representatives.

If Obama were as smart as we all thought he was, and if he didn’t have some political agenda, he would have approved the Keystone Pipeline in a heartbeat.  It appears that he isn’t as smart as everyone thought, or he does have an agenda that isn’t the same as the rest of us.

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