Obama/O’Reilly Interview

Obama pulled out all his rhetorical tricks to avoid answering simple, direct questions about Health Care, Bengahzi and the IRS.

How can he declare that there is not a ‘smidgen’ of corruption in the IRS when there is an on-going and active investigation by the FBI?  Is it wishful thinking or an attempt to influence that investigation?  He and his administration have repeatedly used the excuse ‘we cannot comment on (choose your favorite case) while there is an active investigation’?  Where was this comment relative to the IRS?

And Bengahzi.  Where was the doubt of the cause of the attack in the weeks after the attack?  Instead of doubt he and all of his surrogates were positive and vehement in declaring the video as the cause of a ‘spontaneous’ attack.  We now know that was wrong and known within 48 hours of the attack.  The only conceivable reason for this deception was the upcoming election.

Health Care is working as it should.  Who is he trying to fool?  Mandated insurance coverage cannot be good for anyone.  His repeated lies about our ability to keep the plan we like cannot be hidden.  Yet he refuses to acknowledge the lie.  He hedges and offers no apology.  Instead he infers that the language was changed without his knowledge.  OK, let’s accept that.  Shouldn’t someone be held responsible for that change?  At the very least someone should be held responsible.

Once again he demonstrated his arrogance and disregard for the ‘common’ man.

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