I thought it would be hard for the Democrats to top their bloopers of the past 5 years, but they’ve hit a new high today!

Imagine losing 2.5 million jobs, or their equivalent, is considered a GOOD thing by the Democrats!

They seem to be so enamored with creating the ultimate ‘welfare state’ that they see the additional dependency as an improvement.

It’s obvious now that they have no desire to CREATE jobs or lift the middle class.

Everyone should understand that ‘wealth’ and prosperity are achieved by increases in productivity.  Those increases can be achieved by working more, or working smarter.  It CANNOT be achieved by lowering productivity, reducing hours without increasing output.

The CBO, which we should all recognize as inaccurate, has finally come around to realizing that the ACA (Obamacare) creates an incentive to lower productivity.  They call it lowering hours workded, but since there is no incentive to increase productivity, lowering hours will lower productivity.

My guess is that the CBO is still understating the actual cost.  Lowering productivity, which is a given with this law, will have an accelerating effect on a declining GDP.  Combine the loss of productivity with the increase in government spending to support these same non-producers and the loss of capital to the private sector will be immense.

Universal health care is a dream and one which we might have had a chance to accomplish, but instead of providing a form of catastrophic insurance that we all might have benefited from these idiots decided to go for the whole enchilada.  They have mandated a product that the great bulk of us can’t afford and don’t need.  As a result we will either go bankrupt or repeal the stupid law.

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