Clean Debt Ceiling

As much as I see the debt as a catastrophe, I have to agree with the ‘no strings’ approach.

First, it is obvious that Republicans will always bear the brunt of a shut down, or even the threat of a shut down.

It’s also obvious that no significant spending cuts can be achieved with the Democrats in control of the Senate and the Presidency.

Our only hope for any improvement is for the Republicans to increase their hold on the House and gain control of the Senate.

If they accomplish that, then they must actually deliver some spending cuts to have any hope of gaining the presidency in 2016.  I don’t know if they can, but that is what is necessary.

It seems that virtually everyone recognizes the idiocy of the Democrat talking points on ObamaCare.  That seems to me to be the key to capturing the Senate.

The corruption, cronyism and outright lying of this administration should be their downfall.  There are indications that even the main stream media is starting to question the actions of this administration.

Republicans should do nothing to detract from exposing Democrat failures.

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