Minimum Wage

Isn’t there something wrong when the party ‘for the poor’ (Democrats) are totally unconcerned about the number of people who will be unemployed as a result of raising the minimum wage?

Oh, that’s right, they’ll simply provide ‘welfare’ to those people.  The important thing is that those who do manage to keep their jobs will have more money to spend.

Unfortunately for everyone, taxes must then be increased to ‘provide that welfare’.

It’s a never ending, vicious circle.  The government, in its infinite wisdom, will mandate a minimum wage, then take more money from everyone to support those who are forced out of the workplace.  The result of too much money pursuing to few goods will create inflation which in turn makes it harder for the low earner to stay above the poverty line.  The obvious answer, increase the minimum wage!

And here we go again.

It seems to me that this problem is created because our government refuses to ‘maintain the value of the dollar’.  Instead of controlling their spending and reducing the need for more taxes, they create a situation that requires the printing of more dollars which automatically decreases the value of the dollar.

In the meantime their destruction of employment, by increasing the minimum wage, is destroying our culture of work for reward.

As more and more people are on the government dole, the need for and value of work is rapidly eroding.  Without the need to earn, our youth turns to drugs, crime and other forms of dissipation.  Our long history of worker productivity is threatened along with our economic health.

The very structure of government ‘welfare’ creates a disincentive to work.  Instead of incentivizing earnings the structure is such that often earning one more dollar results in losing many dollars of aid.

We need to protect the value of the dollar and provide aid for the truly needy that does not encourage remaining on the government dole.  Control government spending and maybe provide a ‘base’ income for every adult?

It’s certainly worth additional consideration.

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