Tax Reform Proposal

It’s not necessary to read a bill that is over 900 pages to know that it is not good!

On the surface it seems simple … take all your earnings (pay, interest, capital gains), subtract an amount (11,000) for personal deductions.  If that total is under $400,000 pay 10% in taxes, if over pay 25%.  And, oh yes, if you really earn a lot add 10% to your bill!

What in the world would require over 900 pages to explain that?  Obviously, one page is more than adequate.

The only possible reason for the additional pages is to carve out ‘special’ situations for ‘buddies’ and ‘special interests’.  Plus, hide these ‘perks’ from the rest of us who will not read a 900+ page bill.  Hell, even our representatives won’t read it.

If you’re going to simplify the tax code, then simplify it!  Don’t try to mislead us with massive amounts of paper that simply ‘hide’ the real effects of your proposal.

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