A Nation of Laws?

The United States has long had the reputation of be a ‘nation of law’.  This is a proud statement only when their is ‘equality’ in the administration of those laws.

My biggest concern is the obvious corruption of this by Obama and Holder.  Even worse than their very obvious corruption of this principle is the lack of concern shown by the American people.

It is seldom that our representatives even talk about this administration’s ignoring or changing the existing law.  When they do it is rather obvious that there is absolutely nothing they can do about it.

Holder has been held in contempt of congress.  What has been the effect?  Absolutely nothing!  He has now gone on record by telling the state attorneys general that they should feel free to ignore existing laws that they disagree with.

There is no longer any way to stop administrators at the federal and state levels from simply deciding not to enforce any law (passed by our representatives) with which they (in their infinite wisdom) do not agree with.

This is no longer a ‘nation of law’ and ‘equality under the law’.  When our administrators have this ability your freedom depends on ‘who you know’ or who you buy, not on whether you comply with the law or not.

With this bias in administration of the law, the administration gains more power by creating more laws.

As illustrated in Atlas Shrugged, laws that can be ignored or enforced based on the bias of an administration are simply used to control the people.

This is a very serious issue and must be addressed.  If the only means of redress is through the electoral process, then we must elect representatives that guarantee the fair and equitable enforcement of law.

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