Where’s Our Power Gone?

I’m mystified as to why so many will rant and rave about potentially losing our military superiority.

We spend an unbelievably large amount on our military might, yet it is fairly obvious that that same military is incapable of enforcing our will on others.  This is especially true when used offensively.

The only true success that I can think of was Desert Storm and that was with the help of many supporting nations.  (It was also the only example of a clear goal to which we held.)

History tells us that a large military is likely to be defeated except when used for defense of a nation’s homeland.

No, our nation’s power has never come from our military.  Our power and strength, even our influence around the world, has come from our strong and vibrant economy.

That economy allowed us to be a major factor, militarily, in both WWI and WWII.

That same economy resulted in the dollar being designated as the basis for the world’s monetary system.

It seems that very few understand this basic fact.

Unfortunately, economic health has been upstaged by social wants.  Democracies around the world seem to pander to the ‘wants’ of their people rather than the ‘need’ for strong economies.  Rather than establishing circumstances that would create a strong economy, these nations have ‘created’ money which hides the fact that that money is worth less and less.  Instead of creating strong economies their policies encourage waste and fraud while forcing their people to work harder for money that buys less each year.

The United States which was the leader in economic growth has become the leader in currency devaluation.  Since the world relies on the dollar and the dollar has no intrinsic value (having moved away from gold in 1972) the whole world is dependent upon the economic viability of the United States.

While the world depends on our leadership, especially our economic leadership, we are rapidly destroying that very economy that the world looks to for guidance.

We must re-establish our economic strength.  Spending on a super strong military will not make us a world power and if we must reduce our military spending to regain economic growth, so be it.

We owe it to ourselves and the world to get our house in order.  We must find an answer to the ‘welfare state’ that preserves our ability to expand our economy.  Taxing more cannot do that.  The obvious solution is spending less and reducing regulations that are stifling economic growth.

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