I’m puzzled by the reaction to Russia’s actions in the Ukraine.

As near as I can see Russia is reacting very much as we would if our base in Cuba were threatened by internal unrest.  In fact I think we did almost exactly what Russia is doing.

I may be naive but I don’t see a need to ‘punish’ Russia for any of their actions, so far.  That could change if they become more involved in Ukraine’s internal struggles.

Based on the little that I know of the Ukraine’s internal strife, it appears to have been created by government corruption with the  apparent stealing of billions of public money.  It’s their problem and the people of Ukraine must resolve it.

Should we allow the Ukraine to be absorbed back into Russia?  I frankly don’t see how we can stop it if the people of the Ukraine can’t stop it themselves.

I’m appalled by our involvement in the affairs of other countries.  Our track record is not very good.  Perhaps we should return to ‘encouraging free trade’ with countries and stop trying to ‘influence’ their internal politics.

We have generally been much better at leading by example than imposing our will.  Maybe we should concentrate on setting a good example (we seem to have lost our way in that regard and perhaps that is due to trying to ‘impose’ our will via our ‘super military’.)

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