Government is Too Big!

We all know or at least suspect that the government is too big.  The evidence is everywhere but most dramatic is the concentration of wealth in Washington D.C., identified by stars in this illustration.

As the government increases in size there is more and more opportunity for ‘skimming’ off a portion for personal gain … if you happen to be among the elite ruling class.

The concentration of wealth in Washington D.C. and the suburbs of New York are clear evidence that skimming from taxpayers and investors is lucrative and increasing.

Here is a video that illustrates the point.

Unfortunately, there is little discussion about HOW to roll back the size of government.

There are a few actions that would represent a good start:

  1. Reform the tax system.  Going to a simpler and ‘fairer’ tax system that eliminates the 70,000+ pages of the current code would dramatically reduce the ‘cronyism’ inherent in the complexity of the current tax system.
  2. Eliminate or dramatically reduce the size and scope of the Departments within government such as the IRS, EPA, Dept. of Education, Dept. of Transportation, HUD, etc.

Many suggest that simply eliminating the waste, fraud and abuses from within existing programs would go a long way toward reducing the cost of government.  We’ve all seen how effective the government is at cleaning itself of this waste.  It simply won’t happen as long as it remains so large. It especially won’t happen as it is projected to grow under Democratic leadership.

The Libertarians represented by Ron Paul and now his son Rand Paul seem to be the only party with a long history of desiring to reduce the size and scope of government.

Maybe it’s time to give libertarianism a serious look.


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