Lies, Damn Lies and Presidential Lies

Surely Obama has insured his place in history as the first black president and the president who told more falsehoods than any previous president.

That’s quite a record.  I though Bush II would hold the falsehood record for his manipulating data to justify the invasion of Iraq.  He doesn’t hold a candle to Obama.  Even though it appears that Bush was selective in using our intelligence at least the intelligence existed.  Yes he, and many others, mis read the intelligence.  Weapons of Mass Destruction simply didn’t exist, but we have to admit that there were many indications that these weapons did exist.

Now  let’s look at Obama.

First we have the outright lies used to pass the ACA.  You can keep your doctor and you can keep your insurance.  Period, no qualifiers.  Outright lies and he knew they were lies, but he repeated them over and over, even after the law was passed.

Then we have his famous Super Bowl intervue.  Not a smidgeon of evidence of any corruption at the IRS.  Even as there was an ongoing investigation and Ms. Lerner obviously trying to protect herself from somethng.  At the very least there is a ‘smidgeon’ of evidence of corruption.

Now we have a better timeline on Benghazi and an email directed at setting talking points for Rice.  We know that the CIA did make mention of the video as a possible contributor.  We also know that within 2 days everyone in government knew that there was no demonstration.  Yet Susan Rice  was sent out 7 days after the event to lay the blame on the video.  Worse than that both Hillary Clinton and Obama continued this falsehood for weeks after the event.  Most famously Sandy Crawley falsely shot down Mitt Romney when he tried to point out that Obama had perpetuated the video story.

It’s interesting that the combination of IRS harrassment of conservative groups and the Benghazi lies all occured prior to the 2012 election.  I wonder how many votes Obama would have lost if the public had known that Benghazi was a terrorist attack?  After all one of the key campaign slogans was “Bin Laden is dead and GM is alive”.

Lying seems pervasive among Democrats.  Harry Reid has made a habit in the last year or two of taking the floor of the Senate to try and destroy his opponents with outright lies.  I wonder how many people he has claimed to not pay their taxes?  The first I recall is his claim that Mitt Romney hadn’t paid his taxes.  More recently he made the same charge against Clive Bundy.  Both without proof or evidence of any kind.

Pelosi has made so many stupid statements that I no longer even listen when she is speaking.  ‘We must pass this bill to see what is in it.”,  “Unemployment compensation is a great stimulus” are just a couple of her stupid remarks.

If these people are smart, as many claim, then it is obvious that they are deliberately misleading the public.  This seems likely, otherwise they must be some of the stupidist people ever elected!

Let’s hope the voters have learned a lesson.  ‘Evaluate a candidate on the basis of what they do, not on what they say’.

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