Neurosurgeon visit

Well I finally got to visit with the Neurosurgeon today.  No mention of steroid injections!

He showed me the images from the MRI and how the required space for the nerve bundle has disappeared between L3 and L4.  The nerve bundle space, which was about the size of a dime at another location was a mere pin point between L3 and L4.  The disk and bone spurs along with the disk compression had essentially put the squeeze on the nerves.  Thus constant pain.

He then proceeded to tell me that he can remove the blockage and relieve the pain.  There may be instability in the spine after the operation.  This could result in an additional operation to stabilize the spine.  That will be determined after the operation.

He stated that the risk is about 5% that the nerve bundle may be nicked during the operation.  If this happens I would be kept in the hospital until that had stabilized.  Otherwise I should be able to come home the day of the operation.

Recovery is estimated at 6 to 8 weeks.

This is all good news to me.  He’s telling me that I won’t have to live in constant pain and that is exactly what I wanted to hear.

Issues:  Obtaining care for Marguerite during my recovery (getting her up and putting her to bed) and harvesting the 2nd cutting of hay.  Relatively minor issues.

Assuming everything goes as planned the operation will be June 11.


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  1. We will help with whatever we can do. That weekend, June 13-15, we have 2 weddings. Our granddaughter is in the Friday the 13th wedding in Rio at 1 and Ben is in Nick Landsverk’s wedding in Minnesota on the 14th. We are going to try to attend them both, since Nick’s is later in the day. Alice and Brian are going to feed our cattle and keep an eye on the place until we get back on Sunday. Hope it will be just the day surgery for you, as I know how you love hospitals. Let us know how we can help. Becky Gutzman’s husband is having some issues with muscle damage, they think. They have some decisions to make with the medical field also. Good luck and keep us posted.

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