Changing America

Among the many things that have driven America to its position of leadership and made it a mecca for immigrants has been property rights.  The right to own and do with it what you as an individual want is fundamental to our freedom.

Even as personal choices have been taken away our property rights have remained as a pillar of capitalism.

This is a clear distinction from dictatorships and communist run states where individuals have no right to property.

The idea that the government can remove the right of ownership of a patent is a direct violation of property rights.  It is taking away property without due process of law.

Forcing the Washington Redskins to give up their right to the Redskin logo or name is just such an action.

Where will it stop?  Who decides what is ‘good’ for America?

Should the government have this power?

What would happen if some day in the future the use of Apple was determined to be offensive to 10 or 15% of the population and the government decided that the apple logo had to go?

The government must not have the power to take away patent rights.  It is there to protect those rights.

Protecting patent rights is one of the keys to capitalism and capitalism is key to our economic well being, our strength and our leadership in the world.


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