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ISIS – To me this is a real threat and should be destroyed as quickly and as thoroughly as possible.  That means ‘massive’ air strikes with whatever ground support is necessary.  I would not restrict those air strikes.  Civilian casualties are a part of war.  Would the war against Germany and Japan have ended when they did without massive civilian losses?  I doubt it.  It is necessary to turn the civilian population against ISIS.  As long as they have even passive acceptance by the civilian population, they will continue to exist.

That’s just my opinion.

EBOLA – Wow, is this disease scary!  Why no travel ban is beyond my comprehension.  Apparently we have 3 or 4 hospitals that are up to the task of caring for EBOLA patients.  We don’t have an effective screening process.

Until screening is effective we should restrict travel to and from areas known to harbor the disease.

At the moment I’m willing to accept the CDC’s understanding of how the disease is transmitted, but that means the disease was able to transmit itself before it was identified. That means we need better screening.

Climate Change – Get your head out of your A**!  There is no effective replacement for hydrocarbons and they will be used to improve the life of people in the developing world.  And they SHOULD be used.  Assuming that carbon contamination will cause adverse effects, the only hope for these people to improve their lives is cheap and abundant energy.  As hydrocarbon use has increased we have seen improved health and longer lives, not to mention how comfortable our lives have become.  Do the activists really want to deny this to the developing world?  To do that they will have to wage war so that they can impose their will.  That’s a war they can’t win.

So forget reducing carbon in the atmosphere.  It won’t happen.  It’s time to start planning how we’ll survive in a changing world.  Hell, that’s what we’ve been doing since man set foot on earth.  Man has survived and by all indications he will continue to survive and probably thrive.

Electricity – I’m encouraged to see Lockheed claim to have developed fusion power.  It it true?  Who knows but fusion is almost certainly going to be a real source of power in the future.  It would be wonderful if that happened sooner rather than later.  Solar and wind are not effective alternatives.  They are too inefficient and can not reduce costs.  They also are unlikely to reduce carbon emissions.  (Denmark has the highest percentage of their electricity coming from solar and wind.  They have seen no reduction in emissions!)

Personally I’m looking for an efficient, small generator that can be installed at my house.  It must be infinitely adjustable to generate only the power I demand when I demand it.  Wind and solar certainly fail.  I still have hopes for some form of fuel cell unit.  I want to eliminate transmission lines.

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