An Interesting Time

It seems like every time Obama does something, circumstances make his action look ridiculous.

He culminated his China trip with a statement on CO2 reduction to address climate change (warming) and we are immediately plunged into an Artic freeze and early snow.

He announces his belief that 2/3 of the country didn’t vote, implying that they favor his programs and proposals and Prof Gruber exposes the fraud of the Affordable Care Act.

Now we are waiting for his announcement on immigration.  Want to bet that circumstances prove how inept his actions will become?  I’m betting that our borders will hemorrhage as more aliens seek sanctuary  and work in the U.S.

I don’t know how we should handle our illegals, but I’m guessing that whatever Obama does, it will backfire.

I just finished reading “Power Hungary”, by Robert Bryce.  It’s a very interesting book and pretty much destroys the arguments against using carbon based fuel.  Bryce makes a strong argument for pursuing Natural Gas and Nuclear power generation.  It made a lot of sense to me, just as continuing to pour taxpayer money down the rat hole of ethanol, solar and wind power.  These can never provide dependable, continuous power at a reasonable cost in either money of environmental cost.

I’m intrigued by fusion power which could be a viable nuclear alternative without the dangerous waste.  But it is still 10 years off at a minimum.  In the meantime we need to use our carbon based resources to get our economy back to robust state.

Everyone wants to minimize COs and other pollutants.  We have made outstanding progress simply by allowing the economics of natural gas to replace significant amounts of coal fired electric power.  The free market would further advance that goal without imposing costs on the American taxpayer.  We should allow the free market to solve our problems.

I firmly believe that we should take away all taxes from corporations.

Gruber did us a great service when he explained that the ‘Cadillac tax’ was a fraud.  It proposes to place a tax on the insurance companies while he and the administration knows that those costs will simply be passed on to the consumer.  That is exactly what happens with corporate taxes.  They are paid for by the corporation, but the cost is built into their product cost and passed on to the consumer.  It’s time the American public was educated to that fact and the ‘hidden’ tax eliminated.

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