An Economic Lesson

Johnathan Gruber, architect of Obama Care gives a pretty clear explanation of how taxes on business (in this case insurance companies) are passed on to consumers.  (Pay attention to the last 30 seconds of this video)

This clearly shows that our politicians clearly recognize the fact that 'companies' pass on taxes or other costs of regulation to their consumers.

Folks, it is pure politics! And it is unfair, often hitting the poor and middle class much more than the well to do. This 'hidden' tax is paid by all consumers, even those who aren't required to pay income tax.

Replay the video. Do you clearly understand the deception? Do you see that it is deliberate? Do you recognize the deception?

According to Gruber, the Amercan public is too stupid to understand the fraud. I suspect he is correct.

How often has the public approved imposing costs on 'evil' energy companies? Even though these costs are obviously passed on to the consumer.

The fraud works! But it is time we became educated. It's time we recognized corporate taxes and the cost of onerous regulations as 'hidden' taxes on the consumer. We need to take this source of revenue out of the 'hidden' category.

Eliminate corporate income taxes and revitalize the American economy by making this the best place in the world for business.


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