My Back

Just realized that I wrote about the neurosurgeon visit back before my operation but never followed up.

I’m happy to report that the operation was a total success!

I was a little concerned when I learned that the operation actually cut away a portion of the bone.  I was afraid that this would place limits on future movement and perhaps present a risk of future injury.

The doctor tried to allay my concerns, but they persisted for some time.  As time has passed I’ve become totally unconscious of my back.

Actually, I had immediate relief from the operation.  Only minor pain from the actual incision.   A neighbor and my daughter Michelle provided the care for Marguerite (turning her in and out of bed) while my back healed.  I can’t remember exactly but I think it was about 3 weeks before I could resume this part of her care.

The only thing I noticed was that I didn’t walk normally.  I took short steps and tended to shuffle my feet rather than stepping out.  I think it was due to inactivity from the pain I was enduring from Dec. 25 to Jun 11.

I’m not good at following an exercise routine, but I did find a tread walker in a spare bedroom that my daughter Becki had left there.  I pulled it out and started using it a couple of times each day.  This really helped get me back to a ‘normal’ stride.

After a couple of months I was able to do everything I had ever done.  The only difference is that I’m a little more aware of what may cause injury and avoid them.  (I use tools and levers for heavy lifting!)

As proof of my recovery I put steel on the roof of my horse barn and painted about 1/2 of the machine shed. I would have painted it all but ran out of paint just as the weather turned too cold to continue.

I now realize that I had lived with discomfort from my back for a very long time.  I feel fortunate that it finally got severe enough to seek surgical help and that the surgery was such a success.


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  1. Wonderful news. Sorry we didn’t get much of a chance to talk last night. You both look good and hope Marguerite gets good news as well. Keep us posted and I will include her in my prayers.

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