Religious Freedom or Freedom

The recent spate of news about so called ‘religious freedom’ has once again raised my hackles.

As far as I’m concerned, as a business owner, I should have the right to refuse service to anyone I choose and for any reason.  That’s Freedom!

If my choices are repugnant to enough of my potential customers they will force me out of business.  That’s fine, they are free to do that.  I can’t force them to buy my service, so why should they be able to force me to serve them?

Obviously that is a contradiction of the civil rights act.  That act was passed to relieve a large portion of our population that had been repressed for a long time.  It was necessary at the time and I think it served its purpose.

I don’t think the same situation exists today.  We are much more liberal society and as such the force of the free market place is perfectly capable of limiting suppression.  As I said above, if the owner’s action is distasteful to a significant portion of his patrons, he’ll be forced to change those actions or go out of business.

Government has no business in forcing a citizen to do what he doesn’t want to do.  That simply deprives the citizen of his individual freedom to chose.

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