Race Problems

It appears that we do have race problems.  Whether valid or not blacks and Hispanics feel unjustly targeted and treated by authorities.

I believe that part of the problem is brought on by the minorities themselves.  In particular blacks are living in neighborhoods that are high crime areas.  The police naturally target these areas and it is unfortunate that many innocents are painted with the same brush as the guilty.

My immediate reaction was to quit policing those neighborhoods.  If they don’t want to have a crime free neighborhood, why should the rest of us pay for their security?

On second thought, we can’t abandon those neighborhoods.

But what can we do?  We shouldn’t have the police and firefighters put in a position of danger from the people they are trying to protect.

Somehow the residents must take control of their own.  Somehow they need more control over who serves their neighborhoods.  Perhaps they should have the responsibility for the police and firefighter coverage.

We hear that these are poor neighborhoods with very high unemployment.  I can understand why business owners move out of these neighborhoods and there is no reason for a business to build and employ in areas where they are likely to be robbed or burned out.  Until a neighborhood has demonstrated that they can provide a safe environment they can not expect to see an increase in business and employment.

If I were the mayor of a community facing these problems, I’d instruct my police and firefighters to stay out of a neighborhood until invited in by that neighborhood.  Things would likely become worse before they improved.  But it’s time for community organizers to actually serve a function.  These communities must take control of their own turf.  The city government will be ready and willing to help, but they won’t respond unless communities actually request a response and I would expect representatives of the community to be present and in full support of that response.

Somehow we must get the community involved.  That can’t just stand by and watch atrocities being committed while complaining about the lack of authority.  It they are willing to stand by, they should be willing to accept a lack of response.

Maybe neighborhoods have to be destroyed before they can be healed.  I certainly hope not, but it is foolish to send police into an area with their hands tied.  They either respond and maintain order or they lose respect.  When they lose respect their job becomes impossible.  There will never be enough police to outnumber the criminals, especially in a mob situation.  Force is necessary and must be supported.  Otherwise, leave that neighborhood to their own devices.

Giving money and aid to these communities can not solve their issues.  A community is only as good and strong as the majority of their members.  If the majority is willing to stand on the side and complain they do not deserve help.  If they organize and support police and firefighter response they will eventually see their neighborhoods become more stable with business and employment growth.


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