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I’m praying that the GOP is successful in 2016.  At the same time I realize that we must nominate a candidate that can win against Hilary Clinton or whoever is the Democratic candidate.

I listened to both GOP debates on Thursday trying to determine who has the best chance of winning.

I must say that I was really impressed by Carly Fiorina.  She is articulate, quick witted and seems totally in command of the issues.  She’s a non-politician with a much smoother approach than Trump (who is egotistical, unmannered, and a very questionable conservative).

She is the only one running, other than John Kasick who is unlikely to offend women and the gay community.  I think she has a good chance of appealing to blacks and Hispanics as well.

Ben Carson is a very personable candidate but seems shaky on the issues, except for Obamacare.

Chris Christie blusters and is offensive to me.  I see him as another big government politician primarily concerned with his own power.

Scott Walker is good, but I doubt that he is electable, especially with his position on abortion.

Ditto on Mike Huckabee.  Although I really appreciate his support of the Fair Tax, his belief that Social Security should continue as is, while being funded by that tax, is untenable.  The premise of Social Security is flawed and must be corrected.  (That’s the only point that Christie made that I agreed with).  Interestingly, I can find no one that is suggesting privatizing S.S. or a portion of it.  That was a big deal a few years ago and pushed by Bush.  It failed in a Democratic controlled congress.

Jeb Bush is another big government politico.

Marco Rubio is impressive, but may not be electable at this time with his change of heart on immigration.  (He or Ted Cruze might be excellent VP candidates)

Rand Paul can’t get past foreign policy.  Whether he would actually actually destroy our military, almost everyone sees him as ‘soft’ on foreign policy.  As such he has no more chance than his father to win a general election.  Even so, I appreciate his input, he makes you think.

I am unconvinced that any one of the candidates would actively work to break the cronyism of the Washington political class other than Fiorina and/or Cruze.  I’m actually convinced that Walker, Trump, Christie, Kasich and Bush would actively promote cronyism.

I am impressed by Ted Cruze, however, I think he has burned too many bridges to be an effective president.  He seems to be the most disliked Senator in the Senate.

Look up Fiorina on You Tube.  I did and she is impressive!

I’d really love to see a debate where issues were debated among the candidates rather than the time limited questions from moderators that can only be answered with brief talking points.  I like to understand the real difference in approach between candidates.




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  1. We wanted to see it also; but, don’t have cable and they don’t show much on regular TV. When they said it would be on Fox, I thought 47 or one of their other channels, but not. I also wonder why NBC was advertising all week, like it was going to be on their channel. Oh well, maybe when it gets closer to election time we may get to see something.

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