My Amazing Wife

Last November I was alarmed to find a lump in Marguerite’s right breast.  The most alarming part was that it had gotten so big without my finding it earlier.  Was it growing that fast?

Consultation with her doctor resulted in x-rays followed by a biopsy which confirmed that the growth was indeed cancerous and further that it had spread to the lymph node in the right arm pit.

After further consultation and considering her reaction to her last hospital stay we decided to forgo treatment.  Marguerite expressed no discomfort or pain.

In May the cancer had progressed with lesions appearing on the top and bottom of her breast.  These required dressing as they were ‘weeping’.  Not bleeding, but they were raw and had to be protected from rubbing.

At that point the doctor suggested Hospice care so that I would have some assistance and continued evaluation of Marguerite’s progress.  I agreed and we have since had a nurse visit and evaluate once a week.

About 5 weeks ago the lesions seemed to be drying up.  They quickly dried to the point that I was able to discontinue daily dressing.  In fact I haven’t applied a dressing for over 4 weeks.  After a couple of weeks I reduced the nurse visits to every other week.  Things simply weren’t changing and there seemed little need for weekly visits.

Then I felt that the lump in her breast had actually decreased in size.  I was anxious to get the nurse’s opinion.  On Tuesday she was here and confirmed that the lesions are in fact showing every sign of healing although they are a long way from going away.  She also confirmed that the lump is either getting smaller or has stabilized.

I know cancer can be slowed or actually go into remission with treatment.  I didn’t know that it might slow down or go into remission without treatment.

It’s way too early to say that it is going into remission, but it certainly appears to be dramatically slowed.

This is amazing to me, when I think of how quickly it was growing and lesions would appear very rapidly.  May was probably the last lesion which appeared shortly after the nurse started her visits.  This was after 2 appeared in a matter of 2 or 3 weeks.

Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers.  It appears that something is helping.

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1 Comment on “My Amazing Wife

  1. What wonderful news. I guess prayer does work after all. Sometimes you wonder, when you hear of all the deaths, illnesses, etc. when you have prayed for their health for so long. I am so glad you have good news to share. We went to the Steam and Gas Show in Baraboo and saw Marie and Norm. They are doing pretty well, also. Marie has a walker, which helps her get around and Norm is always ready with a joke or story to tell. They have a lot of kittens and want us to come get some. We have been trying to get together all summer; but our schedules don’t coincide very well. Give Marguerite our best and we should get over to see you guys when I can stop going to funerals, etc. Thursday we went to Hilary’s stepfather (Marvin Dilley)’s visitation and I’m getting way to familiar with the funeral home in Rio. I hope your health is good also and say Hi to the girls.

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