My Issue With Socialism/Redistribution of Wealth

As a consumer I look for products that meet a ‘need’ that I have.  I then look for the lowest cost source of that product.  And finally I look at the quality or other customer satisfaction.  I then weigh the cost/quality and make a decision.

If the end result is beyond my means I will not make the purchase or delay it until my need out weighs the cost.

If you were looking for an employee, wouldn’t you use the exact same decision process?

Now let’s reverse the process.  As a person seeking employment I must be prepared to offer my potential employer skills/effort that fully meets their needs.  It would be foolish to seek an accounting job if my skills were strictly manual.  It would also be foolish to seek an auto mechanic job if my skills were playing computer games.

As an employee it is my responsibility to gain the skills and experience that makes me salable to an employer.

How does a young person, with little or no job experience, develop salable skills?

Many employers are willing to train on the job and this is a great opportunity to learn new skills and gain experience.  Unfortunately when a minimum wage is imposed on those employers they may be forced to discontinue the on the job training.  At the very least they will be forced to reduce pay increases to their other employees.  It is simple logic.  The cost of on the job training must be offset or the business will become unprofitable.  It doesn’t even have to lose money.  When the profits become less than the business is willing to accept they will simply stop the business.

Socialism, which is substantially the same as redistributing wealth, advocates taking money from those who have it and giving it to those who need it.  This minimizes the individuals responsibility to increase their skills.

Without increased skills, the skill level overall will tend to settle around the average.  It will not increase.

I’ve actually seen evidence of this in business.  In the later years of my working career the idea of ‘teams’ for projects became prevalent.  I hated teams!  When a group or ‘team’ is evaluated as a whole it is impossible to recognize either outstanding participants or the poor performers.  The team is evaluated on the average performance of the team members.

Socialism, in my opinion, forces a society to become ‘average’.  I also believe that the longer it exists the more likely for the society to decline.

Just as in my experience with ‘teamwork’ the poor performers dramatically reduce the overall performance of the team.  This is partially overcome in business by team leaders who can, at least sometimes, identify and cull the poor performers.  In a society their is no team leader to make those decisions and the society as a whole must decline.

I fear that we are headed that direction.  Free health care for those who can’t afford it, free education and free telephones are examples of how we are headed toward socialism and away from individual responsibility.

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