Radical Islam?

I suspect that I am like many of you with a very limited knowledge of Islam or the Koran.

We are being told that the Crusades were examples of Christianity gone amoke.

I wasn’t taught that in my youth.  I was taught that the Crusades were a valiant effort by the Christian West counter Islamic conquering hordes.  Yes there were excesses, but those excesses were on both sides of the religious battle.  I was unaware of any evidence that Christian retaliation was more brutal than what they were confronted with.

We seemed to go into a very long lull in this religious battle, a lull that was frequently broken as the Islamist concentrated their attention to Isreal.  We, as Americans, tended to look on these ‘battles’ as localized issues driven by the ‘sharing’ of Jeruselam as a ‘holy’ site to both Jews and Muslims.

Then we saw the rise of the Ayatollah Khomeini.  He declared war on the Christian West.  Again we ignored the threat as being hollow and from a inconsequental country.

I don’t have the faintest idea of how wide spread this so called ‘radical’ form of Islam is.  I do think we should be concerned and alert.

ISIS is doing exactly what the Ayatollah has preached for years.  It clearly is a religious movement and treating it as anything else is foolish.

It seems very likely to me that so called ‘moderate’ Islam will be absorbed by the ‘radical’ element, if that branch of the religion is successful in their efforts.

I think we must take ISIS as a serious threat.  I think we should use every asset available to defeat ISIS and that undoubtedly means military confrontation.  It’s too bad we didn’t recognize the threat early on when it would have been relatively easy to banish.  Now it is very wide spread and won’t be eliminated with a simple military action.

Now we will have to accept terrorist acts and follow up with thorough investigations and retribution.  Very similar to the actions taken by the French following the attack in Paris.

They have raided homes and arrested many.  Many of whom may be innocent, but under this threat they are forced to over react.  They have also closed down mosques.  Undoubted spawning resentment from ‘moderate’ muslins who see this as ‘excessive’.

Even worse, we have enabled Iran to pursue atomic bombs.  Seeing Muslims willing to commit suicide in the name of their religion, can you have any doubt that they will use these weapons against us?

We are in a religious war against Islam.  Can we afford to try and limit that to so called ‘radical’ Islam?

We should try, but we cannot know how widespread this form of Islam has or will become.  The first step should be to recognize that we don’t know and immediately pursue monitoring of Muslims.

Yes this is profiling.  It’s something that is only reasonable and appropriate when we are confronted with a religious war.

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