Deweese Family History

Adriaen Hendrick deWees (1595-1674)
. Hendricks deWees (1615-1661)
.. Garret Hendricks deWees (1640-1700) (immigrated to New Amsterdam about 1670)
… Lewis (Lambertus) deWeese (1670-1743) (died in Kent County, Delaware)
…. Jonathan DeWeese (1725-1777) (died in Caswell County, North Carolina)
….. Samuel DeWeese (1762-1826) (died in Baron County, Kentucky)
…… Jonathan DeWeese (1797-1872) (b. Greenville, SC; d. Mahaska Co. Iowa)
……. Jonathan Bailey DeWeese (1844-1928) (b. Green Co. IN; d. Mahaska Co. Iowa)
…….. Samuel DeWeese (1891-1956) (b. Oskaloosa, IA; d. Keokuk Co. IA)
……… Warren E. Deweese (1915-1987) (b. Delta, IA; d. Columbia Co. WI)
………. Jacque E. Deweese (1938-) (b. Delta, IA)
……….. Richard A. Deweese (1962-) (b. Lyons, FR)
………… Samuel Deweese (1996-) (b. Greenville, SC)
………… Jacob Deweese (1998-) (b. Greenville, SC)
……….. Laura S. Deweese (Veselovsky) (1970-) (b. Davenport, IA)
………… Anastasia Veselovsky (2000-) (b. Madison, WI)
………… Katya Veselovsky (2005-) (b. La Cross, WI)
……….. Michelle R. Deweese (1972-) (b. Davenport, IA)
……….. Becki A. Deweese (1973-) (b. Madison, WI)

My family apparently traces back to Adriaen Hendrick deWees who was born about 1595. He died about 1674. Adriaen married Hillegond Goverts on 28 Mar 1615 in Amsterdam, Holland. Hillegond was born in Alphen aan den Rijn, Netherlands. She died after 1661 in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

(An unverified source relates that the first deWees was a boy called Jan Pietre, the only son of his parents, who died when he was very young. He was adopted by a family who gave him the surname of deWees. It looks reasonable that such should be the case, as it was customary in those days to give surnames according to the avocation or circumstances in which one was placed, thus Jan Pietre, the orphan, became Jan Pietra deWees.)

Their son Hendricks deWees who was born 1615 in Beverwijk, Netherlands and was christened 6 Dec 1615. He died 1661 in East Indies. Hendrick married Adriaentje Jans, daughter of Jans and Unknown, on 22 Apr 1640 in Leiden, Netherlands. Adriaentje was born in Alphen aan den Rijn, Netherlands. She died after Nov 1661 in Amsterdam, Netherlands?.

They had a son, Garrett Hendricks deWees who was born 1640 in Netherlands. He died about 1700 in Germantown, Philadelphia, PA. Garrett married Sijtske (Sytje) (Sytie) Lieuwes, daughter of Lieuvens, on 28 Sep 1662 in Amsterdam, Noord-Holland. Sijtske was born before 1649 in Netherlands. She died after 1701 in Germantown, Philadelphia, PA.

Garrett and Sytje immigrated to the US between 1663 and 1672. (The latter date is the date of a christening in New York.)

Records are sketchy at this point, but it is obvious that Garrett had a number of sons. One, Willem H., b1667 or 1677 is well documented. A 2nd, less well documented, was Lewis (Lambert/Lambertus?), was born about 1670 in NY or Leeuwarden, Province of Freisland, Netherlands and was christened May 1672 in New York, NY. He died about 1743 in , Kent, DE. Lewis was a weaver by trade and apparently changed the spelling to DeWeese. Lewis married Mary Wheeler, daughter of John Wheeler and Ruth Muncy, about 1706 in Sussex County DE. Mary was born before 1695 in Kent Co, DE. She died after 1724

Lewis Deweese is the mystery man in our heritage!  There is little proof of his existence and less proof of his relationship to Garret Dewees (Generally acknowledged as our most distant relative in America).


Notes for Lewis DEWEESEThe third, Lewis, remains a “probable” son of Gerrit and Sytie. I believe Lewis was their son based on the following:
No original source document has ever been uncovered to indicate another origin for Lewis. Gerrit and Sytie had a son named Lambert. He is known to have lived in Philadelphia Co., PA and was last recorded there in 1694. He was about 19 years old at the time. Lewis Dewees(e) is first recorded just south of Philadelphia (what was then Delaware Co., PA) in 1699. He was at least 21 years old, but had not yet married. If he had been the same person as Lambert his age would have been about 24. Lambert’s mother was Sytie Lieuwes. It would have been customary to name a son Lieuwes (Lewis), her patronymic name.
Lambert was apprenticed as a weaver in Philadelphia. Lewis was a weaver in Delaware.
In Delaware, Lewis was associated with a weaver named Herman op den Graeff. Op den Graeff was earlier associated with the Dewees family in Philadelphia.

Lewis bought land in Delaware from Joseph Pidgeon of Philadelphia.

It is known that Lewis had sons named William and Cornelius – the names of his suspected brothers.
‘Since I have never seen any evidence that Lewis was someone else (except in some undocumented 19th century writings), it seems very fair to assume that he was the son of Gerrit and Sytie. However, finding proof of this relationship remains one of the grandest projects in our genealogical research. If you have some evidence or thought – please speak up. (by Ted DeWeese of Dewees Family Site on Web)

Probate: : Dewees/e Family Assoc Newsletter Vol. 3, Iss. 2, Oct/Dec 1994, Page 411-415.
Query on Delaware Genealogical Member’s Queries: DEWEES, WHEELER, PIDGEON, OP/OB-DEN-GRAEFF, MARCHANT Seeking parents of Lewis (Lieuwe in Dutch)DEWEES, b c 1675 Holland or New York, d 1743 Mispillion Hd, Kent Co DE, m Mary WHEELER, dau. of John and Ruth. Known children: William b 1707, Cornelius d 1791, Samuel d 1754, Hezekiah d 1760, Jonathan d 1777, Caswell Co NC. Did Jon m Rachael MARCHANT? (They named a son Marchant). Herman OB DE GRAEFF of Germantown, PA and Lewis DEWEES, weavers by trade, went to DE about the same time. Joseph PIDGEON, PA sold DEWEES land about 1707. DEWEES made no payment until 1727. DEWEES sold land to son Cornelius, 1739. His name was signed Lewas W. DEWES 95 – Goldia Thomerson, 5779 S. Co Rd, 100 W. Greensburg, IN 47240-7433.

I recently found a reference to a Lewis Deweese (Duweese) in the records of Kent Co. Deleware for 1700  The New York genealogical and biographical record? – Page 7 unfortunately this reference is available only for sale or through special libraries.  This document also suggests that Lewis was the son of Garret Dewees.

Lewis is the one we appear to be descended from through his son Jonathan who was born about 1725 in Kent County DE. He died 1777 in Caswell County N, C. Jonathan married Rachel Marchant, daughter of William MARCHANT and Rachel, about 1753. Rachel was born about 1735

I’ve been searching for info on Jonathan and have found the following:

Kent County, Delaware, Land Records: 1768-1772 show Jonathan Deweese as a recognized land owner.

The Prairie gleaner, Volumes 30-33 shows a Jonathan Deweese born- abt 1725 in Kent County, Delawar;  married – abt 1753 in Kent County, Delewar;  died – abt 1777 in Caswell County, North Carolina

Genealogy digest, Volumes 16-18 By Genealogy Club of America – Mentions Cornelius Deweese as the son of Jonathan Deweese who died in Caswell County, North Carolina in 1777.  Further information was not visible in the snippet provided.

Their son Samuel was born 1762 in Kent Co., DE. He died 1826 in Barren Co., KY. Samuel married Rachel White on 8 Apr 1782 in Caswell Co., NC. Rachel died 1836 in Barren Co., KY

Their son Jonathan was born 21 Aug 1797 in Greenville Co., SC. He died 9 Sep 1872 in Mahaska Co., IA and was buried in Center Grove Cem Oskaloosa IA. Jonathan married Malinda McCutchin on 1 Feb 1826 in , Barren Co., Ky. Malinda was born 1 Feb 1802 in , , Tennessee. She died 16 Oct 1896 in , Mahaska Co., Iowa. (I’ve seen her headstone in Mahaska County, Iowa)

They had a son Jonathan Bailey (my great grandfather) who was born 17 Mar 1844 in Green Co., IN. He died 21 Nov 1928 and was buried in Madison Cemetery, Mahaska Co., Iowa. Jonathan served and survived the Civil War. (I possess a bayonet and mess tool passed from him to my grandfather Sam, and through his son Warren, to me) Jonathan married Sarah E, Powell, daughter of Issac Powell and Catherine A. Fuller, on 27 Sep 1874. Sarah was born 1855 in Keokuk Co., IA.

They had the following children:
M i Alonzo DeWeese was born 16 Oct 1878 in Mahaska Co., IA. He died 20 Mar 1961.

F ii May DeWeese was born 25 Oct 1880. She died 28 Nov 1881.

M iii Harry P. DeWeese was born 17 Dec 1882 in Mahaska Co., IA. He died 4 May 1970 in Mahaska Co., IA.
Harry married (1) Jessie Suber.
Harry also married (2) Bessie Bereese on 31 Dec 1932.

M iv Carl DeWeese was born 14 Dec 1885 in Mahaska Co., IA. He died 16 Mar 1916.

M v Issac DeWeese was born 1 Nov 1889. He died 7 Nov 1947.

M vi Samuel DeWeese was born Oct 7, 1891 in Mahaska Co., IA. and died 12 Apr 1956, he is buried in Garrett Cemetery, Keokuk Co., Ia. Samuel married Fern Fiester, born Aug 6, 1891, on 3 Mar 1915. Fern died in 1987 and is buried in Garrett Cemetery, Keokuk Co., Ia.

F vii Ida May DeWeese was born 11 Jun 1894 and died 25 Jun 1969.

Samuel and Fern had one son, Warren, born Dec 8, 1915, and two daughters Wilda , born Dec 8, 1924, and Betty , born Apr 21, 1929.

Warren married Hazel Ivy Showman, born Jul 8, 1913, on Apr 12, 1936. Warren served in the Army Air Force during WWII and was stationed in Edmonton, Canada. Warren died on 17 Jul 1987, and Hazel died in Jul 1996, both are buried in Springfield Cemetery, Keokuk Co., Ia.

They had one son, Jacque (Me!) born Dec 14, 1938. I served in the US Army Signal Corp from 1959 to 1962 and was stationed for most of that time in Fountainbleau, France.

I had one son with my 1st wife Marilyn Jean Asher, whom I married in 1959 and we had a son Richard, born Mar 9, 1962 in Lyons, France. I subsequently married Marguerite Ann Tracy, born Feb 17, 1945 on Jan 3, 1970. We had three daughters Laura , born Oct 9, 1970, Michelle, born Sep 1, 1972, and Becki, born Oct 24, 1973.

Rick (Richard) lives in S.C. with his wife, Anita (Hartland), born 1 Oct 1963, and two sons Sam. born 16 Aug 1996 and Jacob, born 8 Jul 1998.

Laura married Philipp Veselovsky , born 15 Aug 1970, on 28 Jul 1999, and has two daughters, Ana, born 10 Jun 2000 and Katya, born 1 Apr 2005. Laura and Phillip live in Minneapolis, MN.

Michelle is living in Minneapolis, MN.

Becki married Derrick Mielke on May 29, 2009 and they are currently living in Columbus, WI.

I was born in Delta, Iowa and went to several country schools until the 7th grade (My mother was a teacher and taught in country schools). 7th and 8th grade were spent in Delta, but Sigourney was my high school. After high school I enrolled at Iowa State University, originally in Ag Ed and then Horticulture. This was a difficult time for me, I simply couldn’t find a direction. So in 1959 I volunteered for the Army.

I married Marilyn after boot camp at Ft. Leonard Wood and before advanced training. We honeymooned by visiting the Black Hills (which was later flooded out that spring!). We then lived in Augusta, Ga. while I completed Cryptography training.

Stationed in Fountainbleau, France for the remainder of my military. Had one big scare when Kennedy faced down Kruschev over Cuba! In March of 1962 my tour was coming to and end, but my son Richard was born and we had to extend because he was too young to travel. Finally got back to Iowa and re-enrolled at ISU, this time in Animal Husbandry.

Upon graduation I found that prospective employers were most interested in my military credentials, the degree simply opened the door! Hired on with Rath Packing Company as a foreman. This was a sinking ship and after two years I applied to and got hired by Oscar Mayer to become an Industrial Engineer. Started in Davenport, Iowa.

At this point in my life Marilyn and I grew apart and ultimately divorced. In Davenport I met my wife, Marguerite. It seemed strange that she had grown up just a few blocks from where I lived while working for Rath in Waterloo, Iowa.

We married on Jan 3, 1970. Laura and Michelle came soon after and in 1972 we relocated to Madison, Wi. where our third daughter, Becki was born. Worked almost 35 years for Oscar and enjoyed every day! Have to admit that I thoroughly enjoy being retired! Farm for fun and profit, and really enjoy the time I now have for my horses.

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