At this point I am trying to trace my ancestors for my father’s side (Deweese) and my mother’s side (Showman)

So far it appears that the Deweese’s started in America about 1680.

The Showman’s apparently trace back to an immigrant from the Netherlands in 1728.

I was fascinated to learn that a Deweese (William) was the sheriff of Philadelphia County in 1776 and actually read the Declaration of Independence on the courthouse steps!  It appears that he was a descendant from Garret Deweese, but a separate branch from our family.

There is evidence that one of our ancestors on the Showman side (John Showman) actually served and attained the rank of lieutenant in the Continental Army.

Tracking the Deweese name across the country I find that Garret arrived in New Amsterdam (New York) and his descendants moved from there to Deleware, North Carolina, South Carolina, Indiana to Iowa and finally to Wisconsin.

The Showman clan apparently started in Pennsylvania then progressed to Ohio, Indiana and then Iowa.

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  1. a neighbor here is named Deweese. Vera’s husband, Ted died of a massive stroke following bilateral knee replacement about 5 years ago. One of his sons is a VP of CostCo in the Seattle area. Don’t know if they are connected in anyway or not, but so far I haven’t meet a Deweese I didn’t like! :~) Sue

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