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Series: Colonial Records, Volume: III, Chapter: Minutes of the Provincial Council,Page: 328

Collection Title: Pennsylvania Archives

“At a Council in the Courthouse of Philadelphia, Sep 4th, 1728

A list was presented of the names of thirty Palatines, who with their families, making in all about one hundred persons, were imported here in the ship Albany, Lazarus Oxman Master, from Rotterdam, but last from Portsmouth, as by clearance from the officers of customs there, bearing a date the 22nd of June, 1728.  It appeared the master had no special licence for their transportation:  They were then called in, and having declared that they were come hither with intention to settle and live peaceably in this Province, the several persons whose names are subjoined, did repeat and sign the declaration inserted in the minute of the 21st of September last.”

Among the signers was the name Philip Showman

Sept 7, 1757 – Henry Showman married Catherine Godfriend in Christ’s Church, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
National Genealogical Society quarterly, Volumes 12-
Shows John Showman listed as a Lieutenant under Capt. Horatio Clagett in Col. Bell’s Maryland Regiment in 1777.

John Showman is listed as a pensioner in ‘Revolutionary War Pensions’

John Showman is shown as enlisted for 3yrs in the continental army from Maryland in 1781

State of the accounts of the lieutenants and sub-lieutenants of York, Pa, 1777-1783 show that John Showman paid a fine of 37 pounds 10 shilling

John Showman is also mentioned in a newspaper account list in Western Maryland Newspaper Abstracts, Volume 1: 1786-1798

John appears to have had an interesting life, I hope he proves to be in my lineage!

Letters remaining in the Hagerstown post office for the years 1806 – 1810 includes Michael Showman

Collection Title: Pennsylvania Archives

Series 3 » Volume XXX » General Index to Volumes XI-XXVI. RE-ZY. » Page 249

Showman, David, XXI, 433, 637

Showman, Henry, 6th S., VIII, 1407; XIV, 382

Showman, John, 6th S., V, 184

Showman, Peter, XI, 637

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