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I have been puzzling about when John Bailey’s parents, Johnathan and Malinda arrived in Iowa and where they might have lived.  I had scoured the only Mahaska County Census record, which was in 1854 with no success.

Some things I did know.  John Bailey was born in Indiana in 1844 or 1845 (conflicting dates found).

I was led to looking up data on the 33rd Iowa Infantry by this certificate which is in my possession:

Here is a picture of John Bailey Deweese (66) taken in Oskaloosa at a gathering of the GAR (Grand Army of the Republic)

His older brothers Samuel and William enlisted in Co D, 33rd Iowa Infantry on Sep 6, 1862 in Mahaska County Iowa.  William died in St. Louis on Dec 21, 1862 (no cause of death, but not a battle casualty .. they were on guard duty and moved out on Dec 21st.  Could it have been an accident during the troop movement?)  Samuel was severely wounded in a battle at Jenkin’s Ferry in 1864 and was discharged due to the wound in 1865.  John Bailey apparently did not enlist with his brothers, (may well have waited till he was 18 and thus enlisted in 1863) but he is listed on a roster of Co D, 33rd Iowa Infantry.


 The following information was extracted from the book,

History of the 33d Iowa Infantry Volunteer Regiment,


 Des Moines: Mills & Co., 1866.

 Submitted by Heather Jenkins



DENNY M. GUNN, First Lieutenant.

RILEY JESSUP, Second Lieutenant.

Adams, George Hines, Ezra F. Reeder, Pemberton
Atwood, Moses F. Houser, Jacob Rockwell, Alanson
Adams, David Hughes, Jared Reams, Vincent
Appleton, Clark Hilliard, William Randall, Jefferson
Atwood, Stephen Hopkins, Abraham C. Stephens, David
Bennett, Charles G. Hiner, Jesse Slater, Elisha W.
Brower, David M. C. Hiner, David Roberts, James M.
Bass, Andrew J. Hiner, Wm. Rice, Eugene W.
Berkey, Albert G. Hiatt, Amos Schwalm, Albert W.
Brewster, Philander Hull, Benjamin Stevens, Hugh
Batterson, Edwin B. Heaverlo, Andrew Sandiland, Wm. A.
Brundedge, Levi E. Hewson, Samuel Sandiland, Alexander
Boyer, Wm. E. Hull, Ahalial Shannon, John A.
Brown, Nathaniel H. Jones, John W. Stout, Thomas C.
Burris, Stacey Kindig, Wm. H. Shelley, Benjamin F.
Bupp, Frank Killough, John H. Smith, Wm. F.
Blackstone, Thomas J. Kirkpatrick, George N. Tracy, Wm.
Crawford, John R. Leighton, Henry C. Tracy, Marion
Counsel, Oran Locke, Wm. G. Totman, Nathaniel
Champ, Thornton Lacey, John F. Thompson, Joseph
Coe, Alven H. Likens, Wm. Talbot, Wm. H.
Cope, Henry Lafollett, John W. Trobridge, Wm.
Collins, John C. Larkins, J. W. Thompson, David R.
Clark, Henry M. Moore, Eliphaz Vickers, Sandford
Darrow, James E. Middleton, Jesse H. Vickroy, Lewis F.
Doughman, Samuel H. Mahaffey, John Williams, Thomas J.
Doughman, Andrew J. McKinsey, David P. Winder, Hugh W.
Deweese, Wm. J. Michener, Henry P. Widows, James H.
Deweese, Samuel L. McNeal, Henry P. Wood, David J. M.
Deweese, John B. Mitchell, George R. Warner, James M.
Donelson, Amos W. Needham, David L. Williams, John D.
Dixon, Harvey M. Newton, Henry White, Wm. L.
Dilley, David M. Pope, Washington C. Windsor, Joseph
Ewing, John N. Peckover, Wm. West, Isaac W.
Ellis, Adelbert L. Peters, Wm. C. Young, John C.
Evans, Wm. L. Proctor, Jefferson Zane, Wm. L.
Enos, Wm. Proctor, Wm. Thorp, Wm.
Fagan, Wm. Packer, Isaac W.D. Mendenhall, Wm.
Flanders, Nathan N. Peckover, John Barr, Pinckney F.
Garden, Thomas J. Quaintance, Morris A.
Grey, Amos Ramey, John H.

Here is a brief summary of the 33rd Iowa Infantry in the Civil War:

The 1880 census does list a John Bailey Deweese in Madison TWP, Mahaska County Iowa.  It also lists the household with wife Sarah, Son Elonza age 8 and mother Malinda age 81.  This is my great grandfather!

I then rechecked the 1905 plat book.To show the relationship of this farm to Oskaloosa:Checking out a 1913 plat book I find that this location is no longer in John Bailey’s name, but I did find that he had property in Monroe TWP.In the 1912 plat book for Keokuk county I found that J.B. also owned the property immediately east of this land.

These two parcels were then sold to my grandfather, Sam, and J.B. apparently retired to live in Delta, Iowa.


Couldn’t find Jonathan Deweese in 1854 census, indicating that they had not moved from Indiana.

Enlistment records indicate that the family was in Iowa on Sept 6, 1862.

1870 census shows the Jonathan and Malinda were living in Madison township, Mahaska county, Iowa (no occupation) and J.B. is living with them as a day laborer.

Johnathan died in 1872 and 1880 census shows J.B. in Madison TWP, Mahaska Co., Iowa and that his mother, Malinda was living with him.

1905 plat map shows that J.B. Deweese owned property north of Oskaloosa.

1912 and 1913 plat maps show that he had relocated with some property in Mahaska and more in Keokuk counties.

He then sold his Keokuk county farm to my Grandpa Sam and retired to Delta, Ia. in 1914, living with his daughter Ida and her husband Charles Phipps.  (This explains the relationship between my folks and Phipps and Renee Phipps living with mom and dad for a few years.)  The following is from the 1920 census.  A year later he sold the Mahaska county property to Sam and Fern.

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  1. an interesting note… on 1912 plat book for Keokuk county, D Hicklin and Sophia Hicklin are next door neighbors of JB Deweese. Minnie Myrtle Hicklin married John Oliver Osborn, they had a daughter, Augusta Cleo Osborne who married Issac Deweese, son of JB Deweese, and thus grandson of Jonathan and Malinda.

  2. If my memory is correct a Hicklin still lived in the house just east of Grandpa Deweese’s farm in 1956. I can’t recall the first name but perhaps a son of D Hicklin and Sophia? I don’t believe JB ever lived on the Keokuk County property. His son Sam bought it from him shortly after his marriage to Fannie Fern Feaster.
    I am referring to the property on the Keokuk/Mahaska county border. Is this the same property you are referring to?

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