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I found a couple more pictures with John Bailey.

The first shows him with his wife Sarah Powell.  (I didn’t know there was a picture of Sarah!)  My guess is that this is their wedding picture from 1874, about 9 years after he was discharged from the Civil War.

After selling his farms to his son and my grandfather, Sam, in 1914 and 1915 he moved into Delta and lived with his daughter, Ida, and her husband (Phipps).  I found this picture with John Bailey with all his children.  His children are labeled and there are three that are not labeled.  I assume that one is Mr. Phipps, perhaps standing beside Ida?

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  1. Just found census records for Mahaska county in 1852 and 1854. Searched and found no Deweese listed. Apparently Jonathan and Malinda hadn’t moved from Indiana to Iowa until after 1854.

    We do know that they were here in 1862 when William and Samuel enlisted in Mahaska county.

    Wish I knew where they were in Indiana?

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