Showman Photos

Found a shoe box full of mom’s picture collection and fortunately a number included notes that help me identify those that I would not know!

I was really surprised and pleased to find pictures of my Showman grandparents. I don’t remember ever seeing pictures of them before. Grandpa Showman died in 1924, I think from a heart attack. Mom would have been 11.

Grandma Showman then raised the family by herself, under very poor conditions.

Mom’s brother Fred was her favorite. He was older and essentially provided all of the ‘treats’ for the family and probably much of the basic support. He went to work in Washington, D.C. after graduating from high school and married Beth. They had one daughter, Joan. Fred died shortly after becoming a father and long before I was born. There are a few pictures of Fred.

I have simply put all of these photos into an album to share and preserve.

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4 Comments on “Showman Photos

  1. I did get this blog. Quite a collection. I think Grandma Showman spelled Evalun but not suire. I was named for the 2 grandmothers and carried Evelyn through hisgh school. One of my friends inLB moved here from Sigourney and continues to call me by both. She is Mary Beth to me also.
    I am with the dog and I think that one was Tuffy. Where did you graduateand we need your picture in there.
    Do you hear from Roger? Have you heard from Gerald?
    The 3 of us are sitting in the grass where there is a?

    Thanks, Mary

  2. Mom recorded grandma’s name as Evelyn, so I assume that is correct.
    I’m amazed that you recognized the picture with the dog!

    I graduated from Sigourney, will have to add my picture soon.

    I visited Roger a few years back and hear from Sharon maybe once per year. She is on facebook, I think.

    Haven’t heard from Gerald for over a year.

    Thanks for the info, I’ll try to update the pictures.

  3. Hi everyone. I am happy to see the pictures of the showman side of the family. I have Roger looking into getting some more info and the pictures that he got from his mom before she pasted. I don’t know if you would want any pictures of Roger and the kids, just let me know. I can be found on facebook for anyone that wants to stay in touch with us. Roger has not yet set up anything on there. Hope this finds you all well and healthy.

  4. I just sent you an email hoping to get some dates for Roger’s family. I’d be very happy to have pictures, including anything about your family.

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