1883 Address to Family

A copy of this address was sent to Hazel by Barbara Wood (Root) Snodgrass on Jun 16, 1994.  Barbara also included ancestry family and pedigree charts which I have included in my family roots program.

I’ve highlighted those individuals mentioned that are in the direct line to our Showman heritage.  I found it interesting reading.I found it enticing that we have an ‘Elizabeth Taylor‘ in our ancestry!  Also wanted to note that the name ‘Eliza’ is short for Elizabeth, probably to help distinguish between mother and daughter.

Eliza married David Showman in 1825 and were the parents of William Showman, born in 1833 in Licking, Ohio.  William married Sarah E. Martin in 1855 in Ohio and was the 1st Showman in Iowa as shown on an 1861 plat map of Benton Township, Keokuk County, Iowa.

William and Sarah were the parents of Samuel Dinsmore, my grandfather, in 1871.  Sam married Evelyn (Eva) Fuller in 1899.

My mother, Hazel Ivy, was born in 1913 in What Cheer, Iowa.

Here is the letter that accompanied the material:

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  1. You really have some longevity in your family and also some historical ancestors (presidents, judges, etc.) As I was reading this and kept seeing the name Taylor, I was wondering if you were going to be related to the former president. I have longevity, but I don’t think anybody famous in my family.

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