Researching the Fuller Family

Grandma Evelyn’s (Eva, Vinnie, Eveline) family has been a mystery with the added issue of variations in spelling.

I just completed some additional research which may shed some light:

One issue is that Evelyn Showman appears to go by several names and spellings!  (Eva, Evelyn, Eveline, Vinnie)
We know she was born in Illinois from census records where she listed her birth place as Illinois, that she was born in 1877 and that her maiden name was Fuller.

Using that information I found another census entry for an Isaac and Alzina Fuller living in Illinois with 4 children.  Among the children is an Eveline who was born in 1877 (calc by age).  There don’t seem to be any other possibilities based on these search results.

Name: Isaac Fuller
Residence: Timber, Peoria, Illinois
Birthdate: 1854
Birthplace: Illinois, United States
Relationship to Head: Self
Spouse’s Name: Alzina Fuller
Spouse’s Birthplace: Ohio, United States
Father’s Name:
Father’s Birthplace: Ohio, United States
Mother’s Name:
Mother’s Birthplace: Ohio, United States
Race or Color (Expanded): White
Ethnicity (Standardized): American
Gender: Male
Martial Status: Married
Age (Expanded): 26 years
Occupation: Farmer
NARA Film Number: T9-0241
Page: 425
Page Character: D
Entry Number: 4669
Film number: 1254241
Isaac Fuller M 26
Spouse Alzina Fuller F 28
Child Bessie Fuller F 5
Child Eveline Fuller F 2

Unfortunately I can’t cross match to the marriage to Sam, but it is interesting that this Isaac and Alzina show up in Fremont at approximately the time when Sam and Eva were married at Fremont.

Name: Isaac C Fuller
Birthplace: Illinois
Relationship to Head of Household: Self
Residence: Cedar, Mahaska, Iowa
Marital Status: Married
Race : White
Gender: Male
Immigration Year:
Father’s Birthplace: Ohio
Mother’s Birthplace: Ohio
Family Number: 135
Page Number: 5
Household Gender Age
Isaac C Fuller M 56y
Spouse Alvina Fuller F 57y

The actual entry lists Isaac’s birthplace as Illinois, and Alvina’s as Ohio which is consistent with my other evidence in spite of the change in spelling (Alzina vs. Alvina)

This combination of evidence is pretty convincing to me.

From these census entries I found that Isaac was born in 1853 in Ohio and that Alzina was born in 1851 or 1852 also in Ohio.

Searching further I found a James and Sarah Fuller with a child Isaac listed in an Ohio census for 1860.  Isaac’s age matches the Isaac I’ve concluded is Eva’s father.  Here is what I found:


Another search for Alzina in Ohio with a birth date of 1852 gave me an entry for Alzina Freeland.  So far this is the only entry that seems to match our Alzina (which had been listed as Alvina).  Unfortunately I cannot view the actual census entry to gain any additional information.

Name: Alzina Freeland
Residence: , Franklin, Ohio
Ward: The 4th Ward Of Columbus
Age: 8 years
Estimated Birth Year: 1852
Birthplace: Ohio
Gender: Female
Page: 77
Family Number: 620
Film Number: 803964
DGS Number: 4282509
Image Number: 00546
NARA Number: M653
The information appears to match, but is unverified.

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3 Comments on “Researching the Fuller Family

  1. I have been told that the spelling on census records is only as accurate as the people taking the census. That is part of the confusion in the spelling of names.

  2. I’m working on indexing the 1940 census. Handwriting is an issue, but it can also be the indexer. Each record is indexed by a least two people. Where there are discrepancies a third person will review. Unfortunately an occasional error will still make it through.

    When researching, especially on line, be flexible in spelling! Unfortunately, it appears that grandma Showman added to the problem all by herself!

  3. On my Dad’s side my Grandma’s last name was Kohler. With her parents German accent the census taker listed it as Cooler and that is what I found them under in the 1890 census. I’m just saying you have to be careful.

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