My Listening Devises

Audible books can be readily listened to on a CD player in the car, but I needed a more mobile devise.

I started with the smallest devise I could find, a Sansa Express.  This is a memory stick size devise about 3 inches long, 1 inch wide and 1/2 inch thick.  A very simple, easy to carry unit, but with a very limited memory which required loading, listening and then dumping a book to make room for the next one.  That isn’t quite fair, it was able to hold several books at a time, but certainly not my entire library or even a significant portion of it.  It was also difficult to find the book or section of the book I wanted because the display is very small and virtually unreadable in bright light.

When my first unit failed I simply ordered a duplicate, but when I started having trouble with that unit (after a significant amount of time, they really are pretty good units) I decided to try something more ‘up to date’.

This lead me to the Samsung, Galaxy Player.  This unit is almost a ‘smart phone’ but without the phone!  It does come with the Android operating system found on many phones and can connect to the internet through my home wireless router.

The Galaxy Player has become an ‘essential’ product! After loading various apps from the Google App Store, I have a very good GPS, a Kindle reader, an Audible player, some old music, links to several conservative web sites, a weather application and a couple of games. (There is more but I won’t bore you with some of my interests!)

To make it really useful for Audible Books which eat up a lot of memory, I added a 16MB micro chip.

To protect the nice white case I added a black plastic protective cover. To make it truly portable and convenient I added a USA Gear belt case.

Finally I went through a number of earphone types and applications. This was the most frustrating because the typical ear bud type simply fall out of my ears when active. I even tried the ear loop type which helped by still they didn’t stay in place and the leakage was so bad that I couldn’t listen while on a tractor or lawn mower.

The best for a long time were a blue tooth set similar to those on the carousel below. These are pretty good and even allow for start/pause control from the headset. The only drawback is that they must be charged and the charge doesn’t last all day.

After several false starts I found that the sports neckband style were the most stable and allowed me to listen over loud noises (with the help of a volume booster app). Unfortunately the ones that actually work with the Galaxy and allow stop/start as well as volume control are not currently available. (I’ll add them as soon as they become available again.)

There are others, similar to the blue tooth style, that are wired (thus overcoming the charging issue) and with controls on the headset. Unfortunately none are specifically associated with the Galaxy Player and without actually using them I can’t recommend them. Interestingly they are quite inexpensive, so I may try one in the near future.

The products I have used are included in the carousel below and will link you to the particular product on Amazon (which I highly recommend for service, speed and satisfaction). Once you are on Amazon you will have many suggested alternatives to consider. It’s a great starting point!

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