I’ve decided to share what I have been able to find about Marguerite’s problem and care giving.


Anyone familiar with the former Marguerite will know that she had a very outgoing personality.  She never met a stranger and was a great talker.

All of that has changed.  She no longer talks and generally cannot respond to an inquiry.  She will not initiate a conversation and she is easily distracted.  For example she will move away from a group who are conversing.

The problem became apparent after complications arose from a fall where she broke her hip.  Subsequently she was diagnosed with extremely high blood pressure which delayed the original hip replacement operation.  The replacement failed twice before a new hip replacement operation resolved that problem.

A brain scan revealed extreme damage which resulted in a brain that “looks like a 90 year old”.  It was suggested that this was probably the result of multiple strokes.

The net result was that Marguerite has been unable to regain locomotion and is confined to a wheel chair.  Fortunately she can operate an electric wheel chair with minimal damage to the house and furniture!

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2 Comments on “Marguerite

  1. Please keep giving us updates on Marguerite and how you are coping with all the changes. I know that a lot of the days will seem like everything is going downhill but then there will be good days as well. Take care.

  2. She’s deteriorating a little bit, but it is very slow. For example, I was able to transfer her from the chair to the car, but now that isn’t possible because she either can’t or won’t pivot on her feet. I need her to move her feet just a little and she doesn’t do that any more.

    On the up side, we changed doctors. Now have a female doctor who has great empathy and seems able to communicate, at least a little with Marguerite. I enjoyed our visit and came away feeling like she really understood our situation. Additionally she provided medication that seems to be keeping the rash under control without requiring Marguerite to take an awful tasting pill. (She won’t swallow a pill, instead she chews it. Antibiotics are extremely bitter!)

    The hardest part of care giving is realizing that she really doesn’t understand. She can’t tell us what is wrong or what she wants to eat. For a long time I felt that she was just ignoring me, but now I realize that she is simply unable to express herself.

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